Welcome to Attomarker

Welcome to Attomarker Ltd, a spin-out company from the University of Exeter, founded to develop a novel, label-free, array-based technology to monitor concentrations of large numbers of biomarkers in the blood to provide a differential diagnosis of disease to assist the clinical decision makers. Multiple simultaneous biomarker analysis of blood chemistry points to a new direction in diagnosis for complex conditions such as allergy or irritable bowel syndrome, or the recovery of patients from operations. The multi-marker analysis provides a view of the health of a patient, an allergy profile or a novel way to follow the recovery of a patient after a surgical procedure.

The work of Attomarker has been founded from the research of the CEO, Prof. Andrew M Shaw at the University of Exeter, where main focuses include:

  • Label-free nanoparticle plasmon sensing of molecules in complex fluids such as serum
  • Biomarkers of recovery from major surgery
  • The acute phase response of complement in serum upon exposure to bacteria

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